Why you should choose a high back chair

When shopping for a high back chair for your living space, many descriptors come to mind: colour, size, material, level of comfort. But one really important descriptor that is usually left out is support. Support is often overlooked when a chair is comfortable or fits in with the design of the rest of the living space. But there is no reason to sacrifice support for any of the previously mentioned descriptors.

Back support

Whether it’s because of a rough night, a past injury, or a recent surgery, your chair should provide you with the support you need to help with recovery and to prevent any future pain and discomfort. Making sure the chair you purchase has support in the right places (lumbar support, for example) is really important if you will be sitting on it for long periods. The wrong chair can put pressure and stress on different discs or joints and cause muscle tension. This can lead to pain in the lower body, more specifically, the legs.

High back chairs

A good place to look for support is a high back chair. The Mobility Furniture Company has a large selection of high back chairs in many styles, fabrics and colours. High back chairs are an excellent choice to support your back because they prevent spinal strain. They provide a lot of support for your lower back, in particular, and strengthened lower back muscles are also good for keeping and improving posture. This furniture not only provides support to the back but is supportive of the neck too, making high back chairs for the elderly a very practical choice.

Back styles

The Mobility Furniture Company offers several high back styles for customers, all with different benefits and unique opportunities for different types of chair buyers.

Cushion back style: This choice has a lot of comfort and support for those suffering from back pain. The large top cushion is sewn in laterally, making for great longevity and this option provides excellent head support when reclined.

Button back style: This choice is a firmer option, with the buttons creating a compressed style that provides plenty of support for those who prefer a straight back.

Waterfall back style: This choice is the most popular due to its perfect balance of comfort and support. With the ability to readjust and customise cushioning, customers choosing this option can tailor the chair to suit their individual support needs.

Lumbar support back style: This choice is a good mixture of the waterfall and cushion back styles in that it provides extra side-panelled cushion support. This keeps the user in the centre of the chair, where they are supported, but comfortable. This option provides a lot of lumbar support for those customers who need it.

Two-tier back style: This is the newest choice option at Mobility Furniture Company, introduced as a result of customer demand. The top cushion in this two-tier is greatly filled and is customised to suit individual customer needs.

A range of options

It is very important that when customers look for furniture, it is fulfilling more than one need. At the Mobility Furniture Company, there are options for style, comfort, material, colour and (most importantly) support. There is a definite emphasis on high back chairs for the elderly in many options that provide back, neck and lumbar support where necessary and in many different forms.

High back chairs are a great opportunity to ensure that all pain is eased, that posture is good when seated and that comfort and style come with the customer’s support in mind. With so many options available, there is definitely something for everyone.