What does loss of mobility mean?

Mobility is quite often linked to a sense of freedom and having that sense of freedom seemingly taken away can often be quite demotivating. Loss of mobility, that is, your ability to move around freely and comfortably can be a disconcerting process, particularly if your mobility was part of your essence prior to its loss. Losing your mobility doesn’t have to be the end of your freedom – understanding how you can adjust and change how you live to best suit your updated needs is easily done with the right support.

What is loss of mobility?

Loss of mobility essentially refers to a loss of the ability to move around freely and without pain. Whilst the causes of reduced mobility can differ significantly, some are caused as a result of an advancement in age whilst others can be caused by accidents, neurological damage or other physical incapacities. Coming to terms with a loss of mobility can be distressing, particularly if it has come on all of a sudden, and it’s not uncommon for people suffering from loss of mobility to feel depressed, angry and frustrated by their circumstances. There are, of course, a wide range of options available for people who have suffered a loss of mobility – one of which being mobility aids and furnishings.

What can I do to counteract this loss of mobility?

After consulting with occupational therapists to understand where your needs lie, liaising with our team at Mobility Furniture Company could be your next step on the road to improved mobility. Mobility aids and furniture are ultimately there to assist a less mobile person and ensure that they are able to get around as easily as possible. Getting around the house with reduced mobility can be increasingly difficult but with the right adaptations and adjustments to your home, you’ll be able to get around as easily as you did before your mobility was reduced. With a whole range of different furniture and adjustments to your home readily available to you, it has never been easier to get back on the road to mobility and independence. With that said, any adjustments you make to your home furnishings have to be done with your comfort and safety in mind and that comes as a guarantee with our mobility furniture.

How can Mobility Furniture Company help with your adaptable mobility furniture needs?

Whether you’re in need of an adapted chair, bed or sofa, Mobility Furniture Company has whatever it takes to add ease to your life. We ensure that the furniture you choose is perfectly suited to your needs, whatever they may be, to give you peace of mind. We also don’t allow for any compromise on style – adapted furniture for reduced mobility doesn’t have to be unflattering to the eye. We are able to provide you with mobility furniture that fits into your home naturally and stylishly – the way it should be done. Say goodbye to ugly, aged brown mobility furniture and hello to your new stylish living arrangements.

Regain your independence 

It’s fair to say that losing mobility, to whatever extent it affects your life, doesn’t have to be the end of your freedom to move around. The team at Mobility Furniture Company are here to help you regain control of your mobility and ultimately make your life much more accessible. Lost mobility does not equate to loss of livelihood and with over 30 years experience in finding the right furniture for each individual client, making Mobility Furniture Company your mobility choice is a surefire way of ensuring that this isn’t allowed to happen.