The Health Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil


Are you looking for more ways to include heart healthy fats into your diet? You need to add more coconut oil to your diet.

Coconut oil is truly a superfood. It has countless uses and just as many health benefits. As more research is conducted into the benefits of coconut oil, there are even more reasons to include this wonder oil into your daily life. Whether you utilise this oil when your are cooking or you apply it directly to your body as a beauty product, it will improve your health.

Here are five of the most exciting benefits of coconut oil. These benefits are backed by science, and they will have you reaching for the nearest jar of tropical goodness

1. Weight Loss

Coconut oil is full of medium-chain fatty acids, but don’t worry about the dreaded ‘fat’ that it contains. Your body will actually convert the specific kids of fatty acids found in coconut oil into energy very easily, and this will even increase your energy expenditure. Coconut oil can help you to increase your metabolism, helping you to process food and burn fat.

2. Could Help Memory Problems

As coconut oil is absorbed and processed by your body, it converts the medium-chain fatty acids into ketones. Ketones are vital for the body. They have been shown to have a significant impact on those suffering from memory loss such as Alzheimer’s disease through its therapeutic effects. Coconut oil is the ideal brain food. It will help to improve your memory and brain function, and it will ensure a supply of healthy energy to the rest of your body.

3. Fight Infections

Coconut oil contains a substance called Lauric Acid. This potent substance can work wonders in your body, as it can help to destroy a huge range of bacteria and pathogens. The Lauric Acid found in coconuts is known to help kill the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, food poisoning and even dental cavities. Simply adding a tablespoon of organic coconut oil to your cooking or to your baking can help your body to function at its best.

4. Hair Protection

As well as being hugely beneficial for your internal organs and brain, coconut oil can make you feel good on the outside. Coconut oil can help to reduce protein loss in your hair, making it stronger and protecting the hair from damage.

Not only does it make hair stronger and more luscious, but it can also improve your scalp’s hydration. This will prevent dandruff, and can even be a natural remedy for head lice! To use, apply a liberal amount of coconut oil onto your scalp, combing down through your hair from root to shaft. Allow to remain on your hair and scalp for an hour, or even longer. Remember – you will need to thoroughly shampoo and rinse your hair repeatedly to remove the oil.

  1. A Brilliant Moisturiser

This miracle oil is hugely hydrating and smells amazing too, making it the perfect moisturiser to slather on any dry skin. As well making you feel moisturised and glowing, coconut oil can help with skin infections, such as atopic dermatitis. It also has an SPF value to give you protection from sun damage. Apply liberally to your elbows, knees, heels and cuticles. To create a unique body lotion, you can add a few drops of essential oil or perfume to the coconut oil. This is a completely natural, healthy and moisturising alterative to commercial body lotions.