How to match recliner chairs with your sofa

If you’ve had to invest in one of more chairs for poor mobility, then at some point you may have had the little fight in your head about how to match your recliner chairs with your sofa. However, with a little help, you should find that matching rise and recliner chairs with sofas isn’t as difficult as you once thought. To help, here are some considerations to pull off the best recliner chair and sofa matches in your room.


First, ensure that you consider your home and living room’s overall style to ensure the perfect match. The style of the recliner that you invest in should fit perfectly within your space as far as possible, which means avoiding using bold or floral accent recliner chairs if you have contemporary or modern sofas, instead opting for something more neutral. Fabric is a key consideration here too – so that if you have a leather sofa, try to get the best match with a leather recliner chair.


Another way of matching your rise and recliner chair with your sofa is to mix and match colours in a way that enhances your decor. If you want to play it safe, stick to a neutral colour scheme – for instance, if you have a navy sofa, opt for charcoal grey; if beige, consider ivory or pale green. Also, bear in mind that warmer hues are better pronounced when you incorporate vibrant shades and patterns that create an uplifting and welcoming space. 


If you are incorporating a recliner chair into a pre-existing suite then it’s highly probable your chair and sofa will have different patterns. This contrast alone can be enough to leave your room looking disorganised and unwelcoming. Therefore, if you have a patterned sofa, try to choose a recliner chair in a solid colour or with a muted pattern that is barely noticeable. 


If you are worried about clashes, why not invest in two recliner chairs to go either side of your sofa with a central focal point, such as a coffee table and TV. This will create a sense of symmetry in your room so that no one piece overshadows another. Of course, this depends on the size of your chairs and your living room. If your room is awkwardly shaped, you could consider having your sofa(s) facing the television and create a separate zoning effect with your recliner chairs, flanking the windows and facing away from the television. This will also make a perfect relaxation spot where you can have a good read too.


If you’re really struggling to create harmony between your new rise and recliner chair and your sofa, then another option is to use cushions and throws to cover one or more of your seats. You can choose fabrics in colours and patterns that complement both sets of furniture and your wider decor to create a sense of balance so that none shouts louder than the other. There’s no need to end here either; you could consider switching your curtains, wall colour and even your carpet to a more neutral palette that helps your new furniture pieces blend by creating the perfect backdrop.

Invest in matching rise and recliner chairs and sofas

Just because you need chairs for poor mobility doesn’t mean you have to comprise on your home’s style. At Mobility Furniture Company, we have recliner chairs in a range of colours and patterns to suit a range of decor. However, we also have suites of rise and recliner chairs and matching sofas which mean you can get a uniform look throughout your living room. To find out more, contact us today.