How to Make the Best Home for Seniors

Creating a safe space for our elderly companions could be a rather meticulous task. Considering their age and their less agile bodies caused by deteriorating joints and muscles, changes in a home’s layout should be highly considered. This is the period where our parents and grandparents become much more susceptible to accidents that could even lead to more damaging injuries. Which is why to avoid all of these drastic possibilities, we have to bear in mind that although visually engaging furniture sets could be a factor in selecting items, their functionality should still be the prime concern.

Craft a Clutter-Free Space

Senior adults tend to become less careful about where they put their personal belongings. Understandably, they may forget that some items are dangerous to be left lying around or that some should even be stowed away for safety. Placing labels to create a clutter-free space could be a step toward achieving this goal. They would be gently reminded of how and where things should be without possibly hurting their feelings. This would also allow a freer space for them to walk on without the risk of slips or other related incidents.

Inspect The Flooring System

The flooring surface must not be slippery and should cater to the capabilities of the individual/s involved. Do they have a cane or a walker to assist their movement? Carpeted floors are considered as one of the best options to avoid accidents, and so are cork and linoleum-lined surfaces. If these particular changes cannot be done, placing rugs or anti-slip adhesives on focal points would do the trick. Similarly, anti-skid footwear could be given and handrails can be installed.

Check The Lighting

Since their vision isn’t as clear as they once were, one has to also check the lighting. It must neither be too bright to further damage their eyes nor too weak for them to not identify their surroundings completely. If lamps are around, they should be sturdily secured with easy access to clearly label power outlets.

Senior Proof The Space

Moving around might be too great a task for them too, and their hands, hips, or feet might unknowingly hit a sharp or jagged edge of any furniture. Always adopt safety first options in terms of avoiding items made of glass that could cut their hands when chipped off. There are also rubber protectors available in most groceries which can be stuck onto furniture edges to avoid any bumps or bruises from forming.

Get Adjustable and Accessible Furnishings

Furnishings can also be quite difficult to access given the situation of the seniors. For example, a regular armchair can be too limp with no proper support on the seat and the back cushions, while maintaining an uncomfortable position for the person sitting on it for hours on end. Not to mention that it will give them a hard time to stand afterwards, taking into account their joints and muscles. The mattresses of the beds can also end up soggy and flat on the middle parts after several uses. When possible, try to get adjustable and accessible furnishings to aid them and provide them with the comfort of a lifetime.

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