How to choose a mobility sofa bed

One of the struggles when shopping is making a decision on what to purchase. This is a guide on how you should choose a mobility sofa bed.

If you or your loved one finds it difficult to tackle stairs at home, or would like to find an easy way to take a daytime nap without compromising on comfort, consider investing in one of the specially designed mobility sofa beds offered by the Mobility Furniture Company.

With a range of different models available, all catering to different requirements, you are bound to find one perfect for your needs. However, choosing the right one to invest in can be a challenge, so be sure to consider the following qualities when purchasing your new sofa bed, to ensure you find the one that gives you both optimum comfort by day and the best sleep at night. 

Available living space 

Specially designed sofa beds for poor mobility now come in a range of sizes and are generally much larger than a recliner seating two to three people. This means it’s important to work out how much space you’d like to dedicate to a sofa bed when choosing one for your living room. When extended to be used as a bed, it generally takes up twice as much space as when folded, plus there must be enough space to manoeuvre easily around it, whether it is being used for sitting or sleeping.

Ease of transition

To get the most out of a sofa-style mobility bed, it is important to consider how easy it is to transition it from the sofa position to a bed, and back again. The best modern mobility sofa beds are designed to be easy to move into position with as little stress as possible. Getting on and off the sofa bed can be made easier by choosing a riser sofa bed, which can help the user get up from the sofa or bed smoothly. This can be especially important for those with balance issues.

Suitable dimensions

The level of comfort provided by a sofa bed depends greatly on the user’s individual balance and posture needs, which can be accommodated by choosing the right shape and size. Check the seat height, seat width, seat depth, and armrest height and width, so all aspects have the right dimensions to make sure the sofa bed is as comfortable as possible. Accessories such as a head roll can be added and adjusted to provide extra support when carrying out certain tasks, such as reading, and removed when it’s time to sleep. Gel and memory foam materials can be included, which mould to the exact shape required to give an even more comfortable experience both when seated and when sleeping. 


With over 500 different materials available, it is relatively easy to find a sofa bed that complements your home furnishings while meeting your individual needs. Mobility Furniture stocks a wide range of matching recliners and mobility sofa beds to bring style as well as comfort to your lounge.

As well as style, the qualities of the fabric should also meet your personal needs. Although easy to clean, it’s generally best to avoid materials such as plastic or vinyl, as they can encourage sweating which will greatly reduce comfort in hot weather. A material such as sheepskin provides a high level of comfort especially in hot weather, by absorbing moisture while promoting air circulation throughout the fabric. There are also waterproof and wipe clean materials available, and some with specialist qualities designed with healthcare in mind, including anti-bacterial, anti-MRSA, and anti-fungal properties.

Extra fabric covers can be added to armrests, headrests and seats to protect from wear and tear, and these can be taken off and cleaned separately as required, to lengthen the lifespan of your sofa bed.