The Clevedon


The Clevedon bed is a multi-position homecare bed that is styled to look contemporary. In its lowest position you cannot tell this bed has any lift functions. The Clevedon has a 4 point action included as standard and comes in either single or dual capacity. An ideal product for those who do not like the appearance of the full carer friendly products.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Multi-position
  • Mattress platform in wooden slats
  • Electronic backrest
  • 4-section profiling: electrical knee-bend
  • Wooden head and footboard
  • Remote control handset
  • CE marked to the latest EU standards

Overall Bed Height (lowest): 3’0”- 24cm, 3’6”- 26cm, 4’0”- 26cm, 4’6”- 26cm, 5’0”- 33cm + Mattress

Overall Bed Height (highest): 3’0”- 76cm, 3’6”- 66cm, 4’0”- 66cm, 4’6”- 66cm, 5’0”- 66cm + Mattress

Mattress Widths: 0cm (3’0”) / 106cm (3’6”) / 120cm (4’0”) / 140cm (4’6”) / 160cm (5’0”)

Mattress Lengths: 200cm (6’6”)

External Width: 9cm (3.5”) wider than mattress width

External Length: 210cm (6’10”)

Weight Capacaties: 26st

Wood Finish Available: Natural Oak, Cherry, Sierra Mahogany

Action Types Available: 4 point adjustable With Vertical Lift

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