Finding The Best Chair For People With Limited Mobility

The elderly and people with mobility issues typically spend most of their time either sitting on a chair or laying on the bed, and whilst these are designed to offer them comfort, some furniture may not be the right type for them or even contribute to worsen their conditions. Since they are mostly sitting throughout the day, having a chair that makes them slouch or lean towards the edges may be detrimental to their health. That is why getting the best chair that will answer their needs is important to improve their well being. To know the right type of chair, here are the factors you need to consider before purchasing.

Adjustable Features

The elderly have immediate and changing needs that may require the chair to have specific modifications to aid with their comfort. For example, to reduce the risk of bed sores they have to continuously shift their weight, and having a chair that can be tilted to have the desired angle can help with persons who are having a hard time to move independently. With a riser/recliner chair, the features enable the person to have a safe sit to stand transfer when on riser function and have maximum comfort when on recline function.

Made-to-measure Dimensions

Having a riser/recliner chair that is made specifically for your needs can provide you with the perfect sitting position. To aid with your mobility needs, it is important that you consider first the mechanisms before deciding on the design and style that you want your chair to have. Riser/recliner chairs provide a variety of tilt in space features which include full tilt to provide support when standing and independent backrest reclines to allow multiple positions to be achieved.


When choosing for the right chair, the most important to consider is comfort. When trying out furnishings, sit on for at least ten minutes to ensure that you’re comfortable. The upholstery used should also be considered since the feel of the fabric also contributes to having comfort. Consider the different types of armrests, whether you want them to have wooden knuckles for support when standing up or have an added layer of padding for more comfort.


You should pick furnishings that can be easily cleaned since it will be used for the most part of the day. Consider the fabric used, the frames and the corners. It is advisable to veer away from vinyl as this material causes sweating, which can make the seating surface slippery. Ensure that the chair has breathable fabrics and has easy to reach corners to prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating.

Provides Support

People who have limited mobility need certain features for support in the right places. Armrests should have soft fabric for comfort but should also be firm to bear the weight when standing up or sitting down. Footrest features can also provide support when elevated to support recline positions.

Remember that it’s better to have the elderly and people with mobility issues be on their chairs than to be on their bed, and if the chair is not providing the comfort they need and may even be contributing to their pain, they may find themselves constantly choosing the bed to relieve their discomfort. Having the correct type of chair can reduce their time on their beds thus improving their quality of life.

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