This is the complete mobility furniture guide for 2019.

Have you been looking for a comprehensive mobility furniture guide?

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It is well known that what we want – and need – to make our lives easier and more pleasant changes a great deal as we get older, particularly in retirement.

One of the main ways we adjust our priorities is to focus more on the daily tasks of our home life, and the abundant time we have to sit back and relax.

Unfortunately, physical limitations begin to affect our ability to enjoy our leisure hours and to enjoy healthy sleep patterns.

That’s why bespoke mobility furniture is so vitally important. It can help you – or an elderly loved one – to be more comfortable and pain-free, which in turn means being better able to manage the daily tasks associated with independent living.

In effect, mobility furniture for elderly people helps to support their health and wellbeing and avoids some of the issues that can impact negatively on their ability to move around and prove detrimental to mental health and mood.

Let’s explore the reasons behind having a bespoke chair, and then a specially commissioned bed.

When is a chair not a chair? When it’s a mobility aid.

The simple act of sitting for long periods, or getting up easily, can become frustrating and demotivating in later life.

Buying a bespoke chair for someone with limited mobility could give them a new level of independence, as well as comfort. The new owner of the personalised mobility seating will be able to rise up and sit comfortably, without necessarily needing help.

Having their posture supported by a chair especially crafted to meet their needs provides other important benefits too.

The elderly often suffer from musculoskeletal issues (bones and joints) such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or simply unidentified “aches and pains”. So sitting in a normal chair or on a normal sofa could actually worsen their condition.

Having incorrect alignment of their spine, neck and legs, and a wrongly spaced armrest can leave an elderly person feeling stiff, cramped or even in considerable pain.

Commissioning bespoke adjustable beds and chairs turn this situation around completely. It’s possible to have a made to measure chair, or a whole sofa or settee, that is specifically proportioned to an individual’s height, weight and physical needs.

Imagine sitting back in a chair made just for you, by a company specialising in mobility furniture for the elderly. Or, having a chair designed and built by hand to assist with pain relief, ease of movement and improved balance and stability when you stand up. Orthopaedic chairs can literally be designed to relieve pressure at any point on the human frame!

For many, having a bespoke mobility chair proves to be a life-changer.

Sleeping and bespoke mobility beds and chairs

If there is anything more important than sitting comfortably, it’s sleeping on a bed that provides the ultimate in support. If you are looking for a bed to help you sleep better – or buying a bed for an elderly relative – this is another situation in which personalised furniture is ideal.

A good night’s sleep is vital to your health. However, as we age it becomes harder to nod off and difficult to stay asleep (not even counting trips to the toilet).

How can bespoke mobility furniture make this situation much better?

Beds are individual to each person, so commissioning one specially made in the UK to match your needs and preferences is the best solution.

An adjustable bed, made to order, would include all the physical support you need to match your weight, height and shape. It would be designed to smooth out pressure points to create a healthy and easy sleep surface. You can also select the firmness of a mattress that suits your preferences – or the needs of an elderly relative.

Extra features of bespoke mobility beds for the elderly include easy to operate controls to help to sit up and to get out of bed too. This is another way mobility furniture for elderly people supports independent living and makes them feel better every day.

When living well requires additional help

What happens when an elderly person has a chronic illness, that substantially restricts their ability to move around and rest comfortably?

This is when bespoke mobility furniture really becomes vital, in their own property or a care home.

It includes chair beds for the elderly, for when it’s better from their physical and mental health to let them transition between wakefulness and sleep in the same comfortable piece of bespoke mobility furniture.

The cost of a better quality of life

Clearly then, bespoke beds and chairs for the elderly has the potential to help them to sleep, sit and move about better! Which in turn, supports independent living and improved quality of life.

How can you put a price on that?

Well, at Mobility Furniture Company we do keep costs well under control to make our bespoke items affordable.

However, as each item is crafted to meet the individual’s specific needs, you are welcome to call us to discuss a no-obligation quote for a bespoke item from our extensive range.