The Health Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

Are you looking for more ways to include heart healthy fats into your diet? You need to add more coconut oil to your diet. Coconut oil is truly a superfood. It has countless uses and just as many health benefits. As more research is conducted into the benefits of coconut oil, there are even more […]


Hair care tips for ageing hair

Our hair plays a vital role when it comes to our self confidence and happiness with our appearance. Whether it is long and flowing or short and curled, your hair’s texture, look and feel all play a role in your overall personal presentation. So what happens when your hair no longer looks and feels the […]


Healthy Summer Mocktails

Certain medications cannot be mixed with alcohol, and some dietary restrictions can also prohibit booze. Even if you can’t have any alcohol this summer, you can still enjoy a healthy and delicious drink. If you are being virtuous over the summer months, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Here […]


The Best City Breaks For Seniors

For many of us, we spent our working lives dreaming of retirement, and our retirement dreams included traveling the world and seeing new cities. Having the means and the time to travel is a wonderful feeling, but the world is an overwhelming place! There are countless amazing places to visit, and choosing which one can […]


Simple recipe swaps for health

When it comes to making your favourite recipes, it can be tempting to load your home made treats with butter, sugar and salt. After all, we’ve all been told that these ingredients are necessary if we want our meals and puddings to be delicious! However, if you want to eat better and cut down on […]


Yoga, pilates, tai chi

As we age, our muscles, tendons and ligaments can get tight and sore, meaning that our mobility is adversely affected. Many people turn to stretching exercises when they want to overcome this affect of ageing, and your doctor may have recommended one or all of the following – yoga, pilates or tai chi. That said, […]


Winter warmers: Healthy warming foods

As the winter drags on and the weather continues to be grim, rainy and cold, it is a good time to start focusing on warming your body from the inside out. While some people immediately think of rich puddings and hot whiskey toddies, warming foods do not have to be laden with calories or alcohol. […]


Fermented foods and healthy ‘gut’ bacteria

  Fermented foods are a vital part of the cuisines of many nations and cultures around the world, but new research shows that they may do more than just pack a flavourful punch. Naturally fermented foods have been shown to include a hefty dose of friendly ‘gut’ bacteria that has been touted as being good […]

Merry Christmas
Image credit - Antonio Castagna

Staying healthy this festive season

With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are starting our festive shopping for gifts, home decorations, and delicious food and drink. Bedecking the house with twinkling lights is an annual tradition, but for many of us having one too many ‘cups of cheer’ and helpings of decadent treats is an equally vaunted tradition! […]


Walking for fun, exercise and wellbeing

No matter how old (and young at heart) we are, a dose of daily exercise is often just what the doctor ordered when it comes to staying healthy, fit and on top of our mental faculties. That said, the marathons or gym sessions of your younger days might now be too strenuous and even dangerous […]