When it comes to buying an adjustable chair, there is a lot of information to sift through.

With so many different adjustable chairs for elderly people available on the market right now, it can certainly create confusion when buying an adjustable chair. The task is more daunting when you are deciding for a loved one. Rest assured, we at The Mobility Furniture Company are here to make sure that you find the perfect mobility chair providing hours of comfort and relaxation whilst still looking attractive and modern.

As we get older, our bodies grow weaker and can tire more easily. We may, therefore, require a little extra help getting in and out of chairs. If this sounds like you or a loved one, then it may be time to invest in an adjustable chair.

What to look for in an adjustable chair

There are many points to bear in mind when looking for a new adjustable chair for yourself or an elderly loved one. If, of course, there are any underlying medical conditions, these points may vary slightly and you may wish to seek additional assistance from a doctor or medical professional before purchasing a chair:

1. Your head should sit comfortably and squarely in the centre of the top cushion of the chair without being pushed forward.
2. When in a seated position, your thighs should be horizontal and squarely on the floor to evenly distribute your weight.
3. The soles of your feet should sit flat on the floor, when sitting in the chair.
4. There should be a small gap (or no gap at all) behind the bend of the knee and the chair.
5. There shouldn’t be a gap between the lower torso and the back of the chair.

What types of adjustable chairs are available?

The Mobility Furniture Company offer a wide range of adjustable chairs with a variety of mechanisms options to ensure you find your perfect fit for yourself or a loved one:

* Luxury reclining chairs
* Electric reclining chairs
* Rise and recline chairs
* Orthopedic chairs

Each chair comes in a variety of colours and choices of upholstery to suit any decor.

What are the advantages of an adjustable chair for elderly people?

Rise and recline chairs are beneficial for elderly people who have poor upper body strength and/or limited flexibility. A built-in mechanism allows the chair to not only rise but also tilt forward, making it far easier to get in and out of for an elderly person. It can also be of great benefit to those with breathing difficulties or those who can no longer manage the stairs as a very comfortable option for sleeping on at night. The legs and feet can be lifted to ease the pressure of swollen feet or poor circulation, amongst other medicals conditions.

A great number of elderly people suffer from back pain, meaning that it is of the utmost importance to choose a chair that is both comfortable and provides a good level of support for the back and neck. We highly advise that chairs with a low back be avoided as they can often lack support, potentially causing aches and pains for you or your loved one. Chairs with a high back are much preferred as they offer support for the spine, holding the back in a natural and comfortable position. Chairs that provide a back that reaches up to the neck offer the best level of support as the spine is protected in its entirety.

At The Mobility Furniture Company, we offer a fantastic range of rise and recline chairs that support your back and neck, and offer numerous styles to ensure that all needs and requirements are met.