10 Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable As You Age

One key factor in helping you stay independent for longer is to make several changes and preparations in anticipation of old age. Whilst there are a few older people who think they should only consider making changes once their doctor advised them to, planning ahead could do you more good in the long haul.

The prospect of making home adaptations can be pretty daunting but just imagine that this practice could be the perfect way to allow you to stay in the home you love for longer. In addition to this, preparing your home as you advance into older age can not only make your home an easier and more comfortable place to live, but can also be the key to safety and reduce the risks of falls and accidents and minimise the subsequent cost of care and resources.

Here we have compiled the top 10 ways that can help you make your home more comfortable as you age:

Upgrade your bed

For optimum health and wellbeing, consider making the big switch from old, traditional bed frames to the use of adjustable beds. These smart bed solutions are designed to allow for your ideal sleeping position whilst supporting your body and spine.

Move essential facilities downstairs

Whilst the act of moving all your essential facilities such as your bedroom and toilet or bathroom on to one floor is considered a major home adaptation, this can be a good idea if you are having difficulty with stairs.

Consider a stair lift

Another way of going up and down your stairs without any difficulty is by investing in a stair lift which also plays a big part in staying safe and maintaining your independence.

Ensure the place is well lit

To ensure that you get about around your home easily and safely, install lighting options that will make the whole place properly illuminated.

Make it easy to get help fast

Since accidents are sometimes inevitable, ensuring that getting help fast is a must. One way of doing so is by making sure that emergency services are on your speed dial so that calling for help can be done without too much of a hassle.

Widen doorways

Especially for older people with limited mobility, narrow doorways poses a number of hindrances. Instead of the standard 30 inches, consider having your doorways renovated and made to at least 36 inches wide.

Invest in comfortable seating

Not all seating furniture offer maximum comfort, especially for ageing individuals. That said, investing in comfortable seating solutions such as rise and recline chairs can be a smart choice not just for your wellbeing but for aesthetic purposes as well.

Make bathrooms easier to use

One of the most common causes of falls is getting in or out of the bath. Consider investing in level access showers or wet rooms, as well as installing accessories such as bath mats with suction cups, bath lifts and seats or grab rails designed for bathroom use.

Install hand rails

If you’re having difficulties in utilising the stairs, one best way of getting support is by having a sturdy handrail installed.

Get rid of fall hazards

Trip or fall hazards such as rugs, loose carpets or clutter can be problematic, especially for older people with vision problems. Move these away from walkway areas or have them replaced with fixed carpets and non-slip mats.

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